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  Howth being one of the oldest working harbours in Dublin, we have a reputation to uphold here when it comes to fresh seafood and shellfish. We have trawlers in and out of our harbour all day everyday; hauling fish and delivering it to pubs and restaurants not only here in Howth, but outside of Dublin too. As a result, we’ve developed

Unknown to a lot of people, even some residents, this small seaside village was once home to William Butler Yeats. An undeniably prolific poet and perhaps one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Before moving back to Ireland, W. B Yeats and his family had moved to the English countryside in an attempt to propel his father's career

If there’s one thing the Howth locals don’t take advantage of, it’s the scenic views that are on offer. The most popular one being the cliff walk. The trail itself starts at the East pier and begins to ascend at the King Sitric restaurant, following the northern coastline of the peninsula. As you pass Howth’s Literary Hub and come across

Howth Castle is the ancestral home of the St’ Lawrence family. Records show that the castle and its estate have been ruled by the St. Lawrence name since the 15th century, however it can be said that ownership extends all the way back to the 12th century. The original castle was built on the current site back in 1235, however the oldest elements


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