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Octopussy’s Seafood Tapas Bar, Howth | Serving delicious food since 2009


Howth being one of the oldest working harbours in Dublin, we have a reputation to uphold here when it comes to fresh seafood and shellfish. We have trawlers in and out of our harbour all day everyday; hauling fish and delivering it to pubs and restaurants not only here in Howth, but outside of Dublin too.

As a result, we’ve developed somewhat of a niche dining experience wherein some of the restaurants here can offer you fresh seafood that has traveled no more than 10 metres to get from the sea to your plate. Looking for fresh crab or lobster? Well they’re still alive and kicking out here. Because of Howth’s status as a commercial fishing village, seafood and the advocacy to produce it as fresh as possible has become somewhat of a competition. And you’ll find that some of our smaller contenders are those that rank the highest.

Octopussy’s Seafood Tapas Bar has been busy since what feels like the first day it opened, almost ten years ago. This cosy little sea shack is bustling with locals and tourists pretty much every day of the week and for good reason too!


You’ll see if you’ve been there before or have had a look at their menu – that the food served here is predominantly Mediterranean. Their aim is to provide a slice of Mediterranean life to those unfamiliar with such food and a taste of home for their visitors from abroad. Octopussy’s is supplied by Dorans on the Pier, their own fish shop located right next door.

Its run by three brothers from Howth themselves, all fishermen with more than fifty years experience among them

Doran’s is supplied by a hoard of different fishing boats as is every other fishmonger here on the pier. What separates them from the rest? The trawler, The Celtic Fisher, is owned by them. This is why Octopussy’s has such a formidable presence down on the West Pier; the fish they serve really can’t get any fresher. As well as their delicious food, there’s another reason why people can’t seem to stay away and it’s all down to the staff. In such a tiny restaurant, it would only make sense if they could teleport, however it seems that excellent communication skills and a passion for their job works just as well.

Octopussy’s is more than just a place where you can go and have your dinner, it’s a dining experience. So get your friends together and visit Octopussy’s this season, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself and we can bet that you’ll find yourself back there soon enough.

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“Octopussy’s award winning chefs and knowledgeable servers ensure that the food you order is cooked and served by people who love what they do and are as passionate about food as you are! These factors led to the 2014 Certificate of Excellence with TripAdvisor and explain why we are constantly at the top of the rankings.”

Planning on choosing Octopussy’s as one of your restaurants on the Howth Seafood Shuffle? They’re taking bookings from Sunday to Thursday. Book online through our website and for any queries, reach us on the ‘contact us’ link.

Remember to check our the menus we’ve posted for each restaurant. The dishes served in each eartery differ from those on their ordinary menu.

Click here to see their special Seafood Shuffle menu and here to read some of the reviews and commendations they’ve received over the years.

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Octopussy's Seafood Tapas Bar, West Pier, Howth

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