Discover Howth Castle and Estate

Howth Castle is the ancestral home of the St’ Lawrence family. Records show that the castle and its estate have been ruled by the St. Lawrence name since the 15th century, however it can be said that ownership extends all the way back to the 12th century.

The original castle was built on the current site back in 1235, however the oldest elements that have managed to withstand time date back to 1425. The oldest component is the Tower located in the courtyard at the front of the castle. The gates to the estate are kept open to allow visitors to visit the premises and appreciate the Castle in all of its glory. Originally, the castle was the residence of the old Barons and Earls of Howth. However the estate has been home to the Gaisford-St Lawrence family for 800 years now, the perfect demonstration of how ancient Irish houses and family lineage can endure through the centuries.

“We believe that the fact that the house was home to the same family for so long is what makes it unique. Unlike many other houses of its size in Ireland it is not a museum or a hotel but a home which we enjoy sharing with others.”

Gaisford-St. Lawrence family

As of this year, Howth Castle and the land belonging to the Gaisford-St.Lawrence family have been bought by the Irish investment group, Tetrarch Capital. This 530 acre plot includes Ireland’s Eye, Deer Park golf course and all of the castle’s walled gardens, parkland, woodland, and rhododendron gardens.

“My family and I are very grateful to have been the owners of the Howth estate for the last 840 years, and having built the castle, being part of the Howth community for so long. We developed the castle and golf courses as a tourist attraction over the last 50 years but lacked the resources to maximise its potential. The sale to Tetrarch will enable that potential to be reached.”


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